Snaps Ribs

A muscular and rather primative looking nordic man wearing a trench coat, fadora and glasses




Snaps ribs is an omega get of feneris philodox lupus, whos wolf pack was killed by the sabbat when he first shifted. Snaps is less a name then an action “this one snaps ribs” as in he breaks or takes ribs, a role that is suited equally in combat and in hunting or dividing the kill. Snaps would rather be a homocidal puppy dog, but his Philodox role forces him to judge the actions of others and how to bring about balance. He finds himself having to split the rib fairly after a fassion. Snaps feels there is something inherently lacking in the homid mind, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Perhaps it’s the way their affection for the weaver leads them to doing silly and demented things to themselves, atleast from his point of view. Like sticking behind a line of cars and smelling their farts or locking themselves in buildings with toxic substances day after day, on purpose!

Snaps Ribs

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