Nicole Vanderslipe




Nicole is from Russia her father is the alpha of the hidden snow caern but even that would not keep his oldest child safe from attack in order to protect her he married her to a silver fang in America (Alexander Nathaniel Vanderslipe) after getting Nicole pregnant with a son by the name of Alex Vanderslipe. Alexander even while she was pregnant cheated and brought a female into the home into her bed and kicked Nicole to a guest room after the child was born and she was able to leave the house. Nicole decided that living there was not going to work nor was the marriage. on the day she moved her clothing and removing all the money her father sent her to create a business she tried to leave. her husband upon hearing her say she was leaving attempted to kill her by choking her in front of there son. he also in this attempt raped his wife which has her currently pregnant. she is due on December 30 a girl… she was scared for her life as they were in the kitchen she grabbed a knife and stabbed him multiple time and then ran with her son in her arms to the sept.. the alpha was a philodox and checked her story found no flaws decided that it would be best for her to leave and sent her to eden.

Nicole Vanderslipe

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