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Ragabash: The New Moon, The Trickster

Only a real fool ignores the wisdom hiding in the guise of the Trickster. She brings mirth to still the anger between two hearts and humility to those who need a dose in full. Moreover, the New Moon often has clever insights that make her a worthy advisor (or conniver). The Ragabash occupies an odd place in werewolf society. Many distrust her unpredictable mannerisms and peculiar sense of humor, but she’s usually welcomed and given a free hand in the day-to-day life of the sept. The New Moon enjoys a rare flexibility within the normally rigid strictures of werewolf society. When there’s tension in the air, the Ragabash is usually the one to lift it, even at the risk of a claw raking across her exposed, laughing throat. She shows a different kind of courage than the warrior, but one that clever elders don’t underestimate.

As the “questioner of the ways,” the Ragabash has an obligation to play devil’s advocate. Being a New Moon is more than being given a license to play pranks or undercut authority — it is a real responsibility. The Ragabash must question traditions and decrees not reflexively, but rather from an informed point of view. It isn’t enough to cast doubt on an elder’s proclamation; the Ragabash must have a solid argument supporting her contrary views. It’s her task to make certain that her pack mates see both sides to every issue, to be sure that they’re taking the right option, not just the most obvious one. Of course, the Ragabash’s penchant for cunning, sly tactics and subtle Gifts also tends to bestow a certain amount of responsibility as a scout, saboteur or even assassin. The New Moon is the moon of stealth, and its children are the ones charged with using that stealth for the Garou’s benefit.

Initial Rage: 1
Beginning Gifts: Blur of the Milky Eye, Open Seal, Scent of Running Water

Stereotype: The Ragabash born as the New Moon waxes is usually light-hearted and capricious while one birthed under the waning New Moon has a slightly more wicked and ruthless streak. All werewolves of this auspice have keen senses of humor, and they try to find some wit in everything. If they have a flaw, it lies in not knowing how to show their sincerity. It’s not that the Ragabash can’t be earnest, quite the contrary. It’s just that she may have trouble convincing her packmates when she means business. For this reason, as well as their incessant tricks, many werewolves unfortunately give little respect to the Ragabash.

Theurge: The Crescent Moon, The Seer, The Mystic

As Luna’s most slender light shines on her sister Gaia, she reveals secrets of the spirits and their vast realms. The Theurge is the child of the Crescent Moon, and he is wisest in the ways of the Umbra and its inhabitants. Some call these seers the daydreamers of the werewolves, and many do seem to be a bit detached from their brethren. They can see and hear things that others cannot, as if they live half in the world of the physical and half in the world of the spirit. For all his alien solitude, though, the Theurge holds an inportant place in any pack. Without him, the werewolves would forget the spiritual side of their nature. They might wander lost and blind if they did not have his visions and dreams to guide them.

The Theurge is usually the pack’s ritemaster, the one who knows the most rites and takes the responsibility of performing them for the pack’s benefit. He is also the one who typically negotiates with encountered spirits, as the one most likely to speak their language and understand their unusual modes of thought. the Gifts of the Crescent Moon assist the Theurge in these endeavors, although it also takes a certain kind of mentality to learn to “think” as spirits do. The closer a Theurge grows to his spirit allies, the less familiar he becomes to people used to thinking in more physical terms.

Initial Rage: 2
Beginning Gifts: Mother’s Touch, Sense Wyrm, Spirit Speech

Stereotype: Only an idiot would call a Theurge cryptic or equivocal to his face, but many of the Crescent Moons live up to the stereotype. They have a penchant for speaking in riddles, and spouting off enigmatic sayings, simply because trafficking with spirits has made such talk second nature to them. Those Theurges born under the waning moon are apparently more adept at binding and forcing spirits (and battling evil spirits to boot), while a Theurge brought forth under the waxing moon has a more charming, cajoling manner with denizens of the Umbra.
Philodox: The Half Moon, The Mediator, The Judge

The half moon reflects the dualities of Garou natures: wolf and human, flesh and spirit, fury and wisdom, darkness and light. The Philodox is counselor, mediator, and lawkeeper to the pack. Just as the Ragabash lives for laughter, the Philodox is born with the wisdom and desire to judge fairly the actions of her people, be those actions bright or ugly. She can’t help but try to solve every dispute that falls in her path; such is the role Luna has destined for her. In times of peace, the ranking Philodox is often the leader of the pack. In times of war, she may well give over this mantle to the ranking Galliard or Ahroun. A wise Half Moon bears no grudge and understands that stepping down in such situations is likely for the best. Among the ulta-competitve werewolves, this behavior exemplifies her natural desire for balance and order more than any other.

The Philodox often takes the role of alpha in her pack, although its more common for Ahroun to lead in times of war. Whether she gains a leadership position or not, she’s expected to remain impartial where her packmates are concerned; it’s a poor Half Moon who favors one packmate over another. The Philodox also has the responsibility to keep the laws of the Garou in mind — if a packmate is straying dangerously close to violating the Litany, the Philodox should be the first one to notice and warm him against going any further. This responsibility extends even beyond the pack; a good Philodox is concerned with the honor of each and every werewolf she meets. Of course, it’s all too easy for such Half Moons to become quickly disillusioned in these desperate times…

Initial Rage: 3
Beginning Gifts: Resist Pain, Scent of the True Form, Truth of Gaia

Stereotype: Buried so heavily in her role as impartial judge and jury, others may consider the Philodox aloof and somehow above the day-to-day trials of life. such is particularly true of the Half Moons born under Luna’s waxing gaze. The waning moon Philodox may instead be edgy and perpetually concerned about everything around her being in perfect balance, to the point of making her packmates grind their teeth in frustration. Still, when trouble strikes, everyone looks to the Philodox for guidance.

Galliard: The Gibbous Moon, The Moon Dancer

The Galliard, beloved of the nigh-full moon, is joy incarnate in his songs, stories and poetry. The beauty of Luna’s gibbous face inspires him to great deeds on the battlefield as well as around the moot fires. He keeps the traditions of the werewolves perpetually alive through lore carried from generation to generation. A Galliard can rouse the pack from self-pity and suffering when their claws are needed for battle; he can cause even the stodgiest Philodox to weep her heart’s last tears just as easily, should the occasion call for it. The entertainment of the Galliard takes many forms. He might be a dancer, a storyteller, a musican, or a bit of everything rolled into one. When peace turns to war, the Moon Dancer may well lead the pack. And when tranquility comes again, he’ll sing laments for the fallen and epic sagas for the brave survivors who still walk Gaia’s sacred places.

A Galliard’s role is a tricky one. He must be the lorekeeper of his pack, well-versed in Garou history and able to teach others to learn from past mistakes. He is also the one who recounts his packmates’ deeds of bravery, wisdom and honor at moots, ensuring that they are properly honored for their efforts. In many cases, the Galliard is also the one who negotiates with mortals and others, just as the Theurge bargains with spirits and the Philodox reasons with other Garou. The talented Galliard has a fine memory, a glib tongue, and a brave spirit; his job isn’t easy by any measure, and he needs all the talent he can muster.

Initial Rage: 4
Beginning Gifts: Beast Speech, Call of the Wyld, Mindspeak

Stereotypes: Galliards are all the passion of the werewolves rolled up into one fiesty and creative package. They’re completely unrestrained in their various moods, and they’re damn hot-tempered to boot. Moon Dancers born under Luna’s waning face have dark, consuming passions; they relate tales of doom, war and sacrifice. The waxing moon Galliards, by contrast, are almost giddy in their revels, full of songs of wonder, conquest and joy. In the pack, the Moon Dancer keeps everyone’s spirits up, even in times of terrible hardship. Without the Galliard’s song, many are the werewolves who’d have given u, even in sight of victory.
Ahroun: The Full Moon, The Warrior

The Warrior basks in the full glow of Luna, the silver light illuminating his all-consuming Rage. He doesn’t hesitate to strike fatal blows; rather, he often doesn’t know when to stop his killing. All werewolves are fighters, but the Ahroun is the most destructive and vicious of all Gaia’s children. Even the young among this auspice are fearsome to see. The old ones are few, perhaps because the Ahroun don’t fear death in service to Gaia, and those elders who do live are likely among the greatest werewolves of legend. The Full Moon knows no cowardice, only his thirst for battle. Like the Galliard, the Ahroun is an inspiration to his people, but for tactical acumen, physical prowess and might rather than pretty words. When peace falters, he takes the reins of command as is his due, being the first to lead his pack into the fray and the last to fall should they meet defeat.

The Ahroun’s role in the pack is simple — he must be the consummate warrior, able to physically defend his weaker packmates as well as provide the right tactic for any circumstance. As much general as berserker, the Ahroun is the very definition of Gaia’s champion.

Initial Rage: 5
Beginning Gifts: Falling Touch, Inspiration, Razor Claws

Stereotype: The term “hell on wheels” doesn’t begin to describe the raw strength of the Warrior. A Full Moon werewolf is on the edge constantly, seething with Rage, spoiling for a fight at every turn. The waxing moon Ahroun is almost a fanatic about proving himself, while the Warrior of the waning moon seeks to assert his dominance over others. They’re all damn ornery and hard to get along with, but any werewolf is glad to have one around in the thick of a fight…assuming they’re on the same side.

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