This Second Sight Caern Is a Land reserve owned by Dray Inc. a Company owned by the pack. Started By Franklin Dray a Fianna who helped Open the Caern. He was Alpha for 16 years . He dead about 15 years ago.

current Alpha is Asha Black , Black fury Elder, Theurge, she who knows the spirits names.

The land reserve is 23 acres is a private park . with cabins and camping areas.

There is no hunting on the reserve, there are posted signs for No trespassing,
The reserve makes money by hold camps for kids Teaching them how to take care of mother nature and how to do basic Survival.


The Main Cabin
has electric and water it has an Internet connection.
there is a Study area for Cub, lupus born and others that need to learn something.
Computers, and books are available for people to use.

The Medical Room is fully stocked but only has basic Equipment. There is a covered porch that is safe for Lupus Pups to hand out in and play. There are 13 other cabins each one has Electric ( solar ) and a toilet and shower


There is an out side Cooking area. a fire pit and areas to sit and mingle.

caernsetup.png The Caern proper is 23 acres… the bawn land is about 40 acres and a noted 20 Acres the caern has put bids on and or is in contract.

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