Garou Backgrounds

Rank- in This Game only two ranks are basic characters.. you start with rank 1
rank two is a Back ground it cost 2 Freebie points…
( if you want cub you must talk to the ST and it will cost you freebies as well)

Tribe_______ Background Restrictions
Black Furies_______NoneBone
GnawersAncestors, ___________Past Life, Pure Breed and Resources
Children of Gaea__________None
Get of Fenris____________Contacts
Glass Walkers_________Ancestors, Mentor, Past Life and Pure Breed
Shadow Lords___________Allies and Mentor
Silent Striders__________Ancestors, Past Life and Resources
Silver Fangs_________Must buy at least 3 points of Pure Breed
Wendigo________________Contacts and Resources
Kinfolk________Familiar Spirit, Fetish, Kinfolk, Past Life, Rites, Rituals, Spirit Heritage, Spirit Network,Totem, Treasure and Years

Allies are folks who help and support you, whether out of love or common interest. They can be oldcomrades or even organizations that are friendly to you. They may have skills of their own (medicine, for instance), but they often have community influence, with contacts or resources they can use on your behalf.Allies are generally trustworthy, but the relationship takes time and energy to maintain. They have their ownlives, so don’t treat them like servants. Except in special circumstances, your allies don’t usually know you are a werewolf .
You should work out who your allies are at the beginning of the game, as well as how you know them.Maybe they’re old brothers-in-arms or friends from a local environmental society. Maybe (if your rating is 5)you’re an old hunting buddy of the governor
.• One ally, of moderate influence and power (doctor or veterinarian, local activist).
• • Two allies, both of moderate power (district ranger, deputy sheriff).
• • • Three allies, one of them quite influential (newspaper editor, local philanthropist).
• • • • Four allies, one of them very influential councilman, military base commander).
• • • • • Five allies, one of them extremely influential (mayor, senator’s aide
To humans, ancestral memory is a pseudo-scientific concept at best. To Garou it’s a fact of life.
Many werewolves have some of the memories of their distant ancestors; some even allow their forebears to take over their bodies.Once per game session, the player of a Garou with this Background may roll his Ancestors Background(difficulty 8, or 10 if he’s trying to contact the spirit of a specific ancestor).
Each success allows the character to add one die to the dice pool of any Ability (even if the character doesn’t possess that Ability). Storyteller.Botching an Ancestors roll may indicate that the character becomes catatonic for the remainder of the sceneas he’s overwhelmed by the memories of thousands of lives. Alternatively, the ancestral spirit refuses torelinquish the body. How long the ancestor stays depends on the Storyteller.
• You have brief, hazy visions from the distant past.
• • You remember faces and places from past lives just as you remember those of your early childhood.
• • • You put names to faces among your ancestors.
• • • • Ancestors converse with you on a regular basis.
• • • • • Your ancestors watch your adventures with interest, and they often come to counsel you

Contacts are the people you know who come from all walks of life. They know you in turn, as acquaint ancesor friends. These disparate people form an information network that may prove useful.There are two levels of contacts. Major contacts are friends, people you trust implicitly to give you the straight scoop about things in their areas of expertise. You should describe major contacts in some detail, either at the start of the chronicle or as the game progresses. You also have a number of minor contacts around the area. They are not quite as friendly or reliable in a pinch, but you can bribe, charm or otherwise manipulate them into giving you the desired information. To get in touch with a minor contact, make a roll using your Contacts rating (difficulty 7). Each success means that you have located one of your minor contacts. Because major contacts are closer to you (they’re usually good friends), they are easier to find.
• One major contact
• • Two major contacts
• • • Three major contacts
• • • • Four major contacts
• • • • • Five major contact

Cultist Allies
Although Shadow Lords cannot begin with the Ally Background, cultists can depend on their associates toally with them. The drawback is that you must keep his alliance a secret. Belonging to a Shadow Lord cult is a disgrace that even fellow Shadow Lords will not tolerate. A cult will still be devoted to a cultist without this background, but a Lord with Cultist Allies will find them to be even more useful than normal.This is in most respects identical to the Allies Background. The only notable difference ids the cult’s fanaticism
Whether through your Garou family, a Fellowship or your own nimbleness, you have access to specializedequipment not normally available from the local outfitter. This equipment may be a simple as silver bullets or asrare and complex as a mage’s ray gun. You begin the game with this equipment, but once it’s gone, it’s gone. If you blow all your dragon-breath bullets in one firefight, you’ll have to finagle your way to get replacementsthrough roleplaying. See ‘Equipment’ in chapter Four of the Kinfolk Book for more ideas and sampleequipment
.• One minor item: Encompasses such objects as silver bullets, quality Kevlar vests, street level drugs, etc.
• • Two minor items: More minor items include laser sights, healing herbs, gas masks or police-issue pepper spray.
• • • One major item: Major items include explosive ammunition, wiretaps, pharmaceuticals, surgical field kits,white noise generators, small private aircraft and so on. You could also have a lesser talen (Gnosis 4 or less) atthis level
.• • • • Two major items: Additional major items include specialized weapons, military-issue firearms, electronmicroscopes, etc. You may alternately have a greater talen at this level (Gnosis 5-7).
• • • • • One unique item: High-tech experimental firearms, magical crystal balls and untraceable poisons fatal to Garou are examples of unique items. This level alternately allows ownership of one powerful talen (Gnosis 8-10). Equipment at this level should be carefully regulated by the Storyteller.

Familiar Spirit
You have a special relationship with a spirit, one who freely and without compunction is your companion.This spirit can be an animal spirit (perhaps associated with a totem), an affiliated spirit (such as a spirit of War),or in some cases even a faerie spirit. The spirit follows you wherever you go in the Umbra, and it’s always waiting for you when you step sideways.
It can act as a “battery” for extra Gnosis, Rage or Willpower points;you can give these points to your familiar to hold until they are needed. This Background can be bought only with freebie points.
• Your familiar is the smallest Gaffling and not too bright. The only ways you can speak to it are with the Gift:Spirit Speech or by direct communication when you’re near it in the Umbra. It can store three extra points of Gnosis, Willpower or Rage (choose one at a time) for you. It normally cannot Peek through the Gauntlet, so itrarely knows what’s going on in the Realm.
• • Your familiar is a decent-sized Gaffling and almost intelligent. The only ways you can speak to it are withthe Gift: Spirit Speech or by direct communication when you’re near it in the Umbra. It can store five extra points of Gnosis, Willpower or Rage (choose one at a time) for you. It knows instinctively where you are, and it can Peek to see you from time to time.
• • • Your familiar is a Jaggling of average intelligence. You can speak aloud to it easily through the bond youshare, as long as it is nearby. It can store five extra points of Gnosis, Willpower, or Rage (choose two) for you.It knows instinctively where you are, can see through your eyes and can also Peek through the Gauntlet.
• • • • Your familiar is a fairly bright Jaggling. You can speak telepathically to it through the bond you share, aslong as it is nearby. You always know where it is. You can see through its eyes and "it can borrow your sight aswell. It can store five extra points of Gnosis, Rage or Willpower (all three in any combination) for you. It knowsinstinctively where you are. It can Peek into (and can even Manifest in) the Realm.
• • • • • Your familiar is an intelligent Jaggling affiliated with a specific Incarna. You can speak telepathically toit no matter how far away it is. You and it always know each other’s location. You both can share any of it’sfive senses and knowledge from any Gift (such as Scent of the True Form or Truth of Gaia). It can store a totalof six extra points of Gnosis, Rage or Willpower (all three in any combination) for you
For whatever reason, a Garou owes you a big indulgence. Perhaps you saved her life or rescued one of her Kinfolk. Whatever the reason, you can claim one favour from the person; it may take the form of a ‘get out of atrouble free’ card, a cash gift, a shift as private bodyguard or even a wet job (assassination). Like Equipment,though, once you spend the Favour, it’s gone forever, unless you somehow win another. Explain to your Storyteller how you got the favour and a bit about the person who owes you.
• One Favour from a Garou of low rank (0-1).
• • One Favour from a Garou of medium rank (2).
• • • One Favour from a Garou of high rank (3-4).
• • • • One Favour from a Garou of highest rank (5).
• • • • • One Favour from a tribal leader.

You possess a fetish, a physical object into which a spirit has been bound. Fetishes have a number of powersgranted by the spirit, so they are very significant to the Garou. Such things are valuable, and other Garou (or other supernatural beings) may covet them.
• You possess one Level One fetish
• • You possess one Level Two fetish or two Level One fetishes.
• • • You possess one or more fetishes with a total of three levels.
• • • • You possess one or more fetishes with a total of four levels.
• • • • • You possess one or more fetishes with a total of five levels.
A Garou with Influence Traits has gained a certain degree of control in aspects of normal human society.While many Garou shun taking such an active role in human affairs, others see it as the only way to keep accurate tabs on certain organizations and groups. Other forms of influence can reflect access to contacts, allies or the aid of Kinfolk.Possible areas of influence include the following:

Bureaucracy — City Government

Church — Religious Establishments

Finance — Big Business

Health — Hospitals, Morgues, Etc.

High Society — Rich Dilettantes and The Art Community

Industry — Unions, Steel Mills, Etc.

Legal — Lawyers, Judges, Etc.

Media — Television, Radio, Newspapers

Occult — Cult Leaders, Occult Bookstore Owners, Etc.

Police — Local Law Enforcement

Politics — Politicians

Street — Street-Level Crime

Transportation — Bus Terminals, Airlines, Harbor Masters

Underworld — Organized Crime One area of influence may be chosen for every level of this Background. Note that Influence does not give you knowledge of a particular area (Abilities handle that), but it does give you sway over a certain area of human society.A character with influence is usually given Influence Cards to represent the areas of influence he controls.Influences may be spent during the game to affect an area of society. Some influences may even allow you to gain something that you desire. Turning your Finance Influence into quick cash is one example. In most cases where Influence is spent, a challenge is not necessary. Influence Cards spent in this fashion are returned at the beginning of the next session. Influence may also be loaned to others. In this case, the card is given to another player and is not returned to its owner until after it is spent or it is returned.
You are in contact with certain humans or wolves who are descended from Garou without actually being werewolves themselves. While Kinfolk are normal members of their species in most respects, they have the advantage of immunity to the Delirium. They know that you are Garou, and they are willing to help you however they can, although most are not in positions of power (such people are considered Allies). Networks of Kinfolk are a valuable way for werewolves to deal with the human world without risking frenzy or discovery.
• Two Kinfolk
• • Five Kinfolk
• • • 10 Kinfolk
• • • • 20 Kinfolk
• • • • • 50 Kinfolk

Many Garou have one or more elders that look after them. The rating of your Mentor Background quantifieshow powerful your mentor is within the tribe and what rank he or she has achieved. A mentor can teach youskills, advise you or speak on your behalf at a council fire. Of course, your mentor may expect something inreturn for his assistance, be it good company, an occasional gofer, a champion or perhaps a supporter in sept politics. (Mentor demands are excellent hooks for stories.) In general, however, you will receive more than yougive.A powerful mentor doesn’t have to be a single person; a pack or council of elders might be considered acollective mentor. The latter would almost certainly have a rating of four or five dots, even if no one on the council is above Rank 5.
• Mentor is Rank 2
• • Mentor is Rank 3
• • • Mentor is Rank 4
• • • • Mentor is Rank 5
• • • • • Mentor is Rank 6
To offer a child protection in a harsh and unforgiving world, many native peoples bind a spirit to a newbornchild, so that the two may both protect each other. Whether or not this works for humans, it certainly works for the Garou who adopt the practice. At birth, the Garou parent of the child (the Black Furies have a Crone enactthe ritual instead) calls a spirit to the newborn and offers it the security of a Garou’s protection in exchange for its service. Usually, this spirit also acts as the Kin-Fetch. Since a parent’s love is not necessarily limited toGarou alone, Kinfolk may also possess this Background.When taking this background, players should specify what type of spirit accompanies them, both as a specifictype (such as a Pattern Spider or fire elemental) and if it qualifies as a spirit of Glory, Honour or Wisdom. Byspending one point of Gnosis, the Garou can draw upon his friend’s strength, adding his Numen rating to asingle Physical (Glory, Social (Honour), or Mental (Wisdom) roll. Alternatively, the spirit may lend the Garouthe use of a Charm it possesses for a single use.In addition to this, the spirit may act as a straightforward ally and aide, and a Garou with a Numen of thesame type may instinctively feel a kinship. Maltreatment or neglect may weaken the bond between a Garou andtheir Numen. Storytellers can represent this by denying the player the ability to obtain extra dice. In addition,the spirit is a real, living spirit that can be hurt and killed. The Background rating determines how large the bound spirit is.
• Gaffling
• • Potent Gaffling
• • • Lesser Jaggling
• • • • Strong Jaggling
• • • • • Very strong Jaggling. Your parents were clearly owed some favours.
Past Life
Garou have a much better grasp of their ancestral memory than humans do; many werewolves can actuallyremember scenes from the lives of their distant forebears. Some Garou can even allow the spirits of their ancestors to take over their bodies. Such a surrogate consciousness may well be capable of performing feats of skill that the ‘host’ herself could not.A Garou with this Background may, once per game session, roll his Past Life Background (difficulty 8, or 10if trying to contact the spirit of a specific ancestor). Each success allows the character to add one die to the DicePool of any Ability, or to create a Dice Pool (of one die per success) for an Ability that the character does noteven possess. Thus, a Garou with a Past Life of 4 is in a desperate battle; he is no great shakes as a warrior (Dexterity 2, Brawl 1), but he rolls his Past Life rating (difficulty 8) and scores 3 successes. He has justcontacted his ancestor, the mighty chieftain Fleshripper, who guides his claws in battle, effectively adding 3 tohis Brawl score. Even if the character has no Brawling Talent whatsoever, he would now have an effectivescore of 3.
As heretofore noted, it is more difficult to contact specific ancestors, but successful contact may provide precognitive visions or advice at the discretion of the Storyteller. All effects of the Past Life bonus last for onescene only.A botch on the Past Life roll may indicate that the character becomes overwhelmed by the memories of thousands of lives (effectively rendering the character catatonic for the remainder of the scene) or, worse yet,may mean that the character is possessed by the spirit of an ancestor who subsequently refuses to relinquish the body. The ancestor will stay for a length of time dependent on the Storyteller’s whim.
• You get hazy flashes of scenes from the distant past.
• • A few faces and places stand out in your mind.
• • • You know some of your distant ancestors by name.
• • • • You regularly have conversations with your ancestors as if they were in the room.
• • • • • You have gained repute among the ancestor spirits; they often come to you.
Pure Breed
Garou take great stock in ancestry, and the werewolf who is descended from renowned forbears has a definiteadvantage in Garou society. This Background represents your lineage, markings, bearing and other features of birth. Other Garou revere werewolves with high scores in Pure Breed as heroes of yore come to life — and such werewolves are expected to act the part. The higher your Pure Breed score is, the more likely you are to impress elder councils or receive hospitality from foreign tribes. Each point of Pure Breed adds an extra die to Social or challenge rolls involving other Garou (even Ronin or Black Spiral Dancers).Some tribes place more value on good breeding than others, but Pure Breed is almost universally respected.It’s almost a mystical trait, and werewolves can tell instinctively whose blood is particularly pure. Of course,Garou expect those of pure blood to live up to the standards set by their noble ancestors. They frown on those who can’t or won’t accept the challenge.Over the eons, whole lines of heroes have fallen to war, Wyrm or simply time. In this latter age, very few pure-bred Garou walk the Earth.
• You have your father’s eyes.
• • Your grandfather made a name for himself at the Battle of Bloody Ford, and you carry that name with pride.
• • • Your pedigree is blessed with pillars of the Garou Nation, and the blood tells
• • • • You can be dressed as a beggar and still command respect.
• • • • • The greatest of heroes live on in you.
Renown is a rare and precious Background among Kinfolk. While they cannot ever possess the rank of aGarou, Kin occasionally receive acclaim for their deeds. This Background allows your character to start thegame with some temporary Renown; you choose whether these points are Honour, Wisdom or Glory or acombination of the three. You and the Storyteller should work out the circumstances under which you receivedthe Renown. (See Renown, page 61, in the Kinfolk book for more information.) As with Pure Breed,werewolves respect Kin with Renown, but they also demand a lot more work from them!
• One temporary point of Renown.
• • Two temporary points of Renown.
• • • Three temporary points of Renown.
• • • • Four temporary points of Renown.
• • • • • Five temporary points of Renown
This Trait describes your personal financial resources (or access to such resources). It reflects your standardof living rather than liquid assets. Even if you have four dots, it may take weeks or months to come up with half a million dollars in cash. And of course, if you don’t purchase this Background, you get what you pay for — nothing, or as close to nothing as makes no difference. As with all other Traits, you should be able to justifyResources. It’ll be tricky explaining how a lupus in the Yukon gets a check for a couple of grand each month.
(And what could he spend it on, anyway?) Where does the money come from, a trust fund, stocks, tenant rent or a day job? Depending on circumstances, your cash flow may dry up during the course of the chronicle.
• Small savings: You have a cramped apartment and maybe a used motorcycle. If liquidated, you could scrapeup $1000 in cash. Allowance of $500 a month.
• • Middle class: You have a decent apartment or condominium and a car. If liquidated, you would have$8,000 in cash. Allowance of $1200 a month.
• • • Large savings: You are a homeowner with a good bit of equity. If liquidated, you would have at least$50,000 in cash. Allowance of $3000 a month.
• • • • Quite well off: You own a large house or perhaps a dilapidated country manor. If liquidated you wouldhave $500,000 in cash. Allowance of $9000 a month.
• • • • • Ridiculously wealthy: You are a multimillionaire. If liquidated, you would have $5,000,000 to playwith. Allowance of $30,000 a month.

This Trait describes how many rites the character knows at the beginning of the game. This rating mayrepresent one big one or a number of lesser once whose total levels equal the Rites rating; remember, however,that a character needs a Rituals Knowledge rating at least equal to the level of a given rite in order to learn it atall.Note: Two Minor Rites can be purchased in place of one Level One rite, see Minor Rites, pages 152-153 inthe Werewolf: The Apocalypse 2nd Edition book.
• Character knows one level of rites
• • Character knows two level of rites
• • • Character knows three level of rites
• • • • Character knows four level of rites
• • • • • Character knows five level of rites
Rituals are an important part of Garou life. This Trait denotes how many rites the character knows at the beginning of the game. The rating represents levels of rites, so a character with Rites 4 may have a Level Four rite, one Level One and one Level Three rite or any other combination. Remember that to learn a rite thecharacter needs a Rituals Knowledge rating at least equal to the level of a given rite. While Rank is notnecessarily a factor, a Theurge would need a pretty convincing reason to teach a Level Five rite to a Rank 1Garou. Note that two minor rites can be purchased in place of one Level One rite.
• Character knows one level of rites.
• • Character knows two levels of rites.
• • • Character knows three levels of rites.
• • • • Character knows four levels of rites.
• • • • • Character knows five levels of rites
Unlike other Backgrounds, this Trait applies to the character’s pack rather than the individual. The members of the pack pool the points invested in this Trait to determine the totem’s power Each totem has a Background cost rating; the pack must spend that amount to ally with that totem. Sometotems are willing to lend great powers to their adherents; their point costs are correspondingly greater. SeePack Totems (p. 293) for a list of possible totems. Regardless of how many points the initial totem costs, all beginning totems have a base of eight points to divide among Rage, Willpower and Gnosis. The totem also begins with the Air Sense and Re-form Charms. Apart from bestowing power, totems are somewhat aloof fromthe pack, and they have little influence among spirits (unless the players buy a closer connection is bought with Background points). With time, roleplaying and experience points, pack totems can grow more powerful, and they could even become the totems of whole septs or (in legendary circumstances) even tribes.Most of the powers totems bestow are usually available to only one pack member at a time. At the end of each turn, the Garou with the power declares who the power may be given to next turn (assuming that she doesn’t keep it). After the initial cost of the totem has been spent, any other Background points add to the totem’s strength and abilities.
Cost _______________________________Power
1____________________Per three points to spend on Willpower, Rage and/or Gnosis
1_____________Totem can speak to the pack without the benefit of the Gift: Spirit Speech.
1____________________Totem can always find the pack members.
2____________________Totem is nearly always with the pack members.2Totem is respected by other spirits.
2________________Per charm possessed
3__________________Per extra pack member who can use the totem’s powers in the same turn
4______________________Totem is connected mystically to all pack members, allowing communication among them even at great distances (at Storyteller’s discretion).
5_____________________Totem is feared by agents of the Wyrm, which could mean that either the agents run away or they do their best to kill the pack..
The Totem Trait is the only Background that can be increased through experience. The Storyteller should allow increases in totem powers only when it fits in to the story, such as when pack members gain a higher rank, a new member joins the pack or when pack members gain new insight into the nature of their totem. When the totem is affiliated with a more powerful spirit, the greater spirit might grant the strengthening of its servant (pack totem) in return for a great service done it by the pack.
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