Sally and Greta

Sally is a young Sliver fang Kin. brown hair green eyes about 5’7" tall and slim about 19 years old. She Stays in the main cabin mostly she was sent to the caern by her tribe a few months back she is Learning to Cook for the masses and how to fight she is mentored by Grita.

Greta is a Fianna KIn-
this old woman is a card. about 45 ish she can drink and dance with the best of them, but her passion is cooking with a side of woop ass.
She also is in the main cabin.. Cooking and cleaning she helps maintain the cabins and deals with shopping for the caern when she cant make the stuff she has a large Garden and a small green house where she grows most of the fruits and veggies on the Caern.

These two are the reason there is always good food ready 3 times a day and plenty of food for the hungry garou after an all night patrol..

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Sally and Greta

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