Every one wants to know How do I earn Experience point (XP) in No Mans Land

This will tell you Every thing you need to know.

  • I award XP between the 1st and 3rd or each month
  • XP is posted on your Characters Obsidian Portal character Profile page
    only you and the Storytellers can see this and you Characters sheet
    • Spending XP you have until the 20 or each month to send me an e-mail with what you would like to Spend you XP on. the Sooner you get me the Spends the sooner you will get them Approved. and you can use them
  • Rules for spending*
    No Area can go up more then One dot each Month
    Willpower you can buy upto 8 after that a time will be added 9 is XP and 6 months
    10 is XP and one year.
    NO merits can be bought after character creation.(unless the character does stuff in game to earn it)
    Flaws – can be Roleplayed and bought off after character has spent the will power to help reid herself of the Flaw. some Flaws never go away> talk to the ST if you want to buy off a flaw<
    • Spending Emails edenooc@gmail.com Suject should be the characters names******

Ways to earn XP

  • Social events- player Party’s . grand Openings. 2-10
  • General Social Gatherings(main channels only)
    ( just chatting IC) 2-18 ( for the month)
  • Running NPC’s for me depends on the NPC(NPC xp dont count toward Rank XP)
  • Welcoming and helping New players with Questions 5-10 (for the month)
  • Story-lines being active in Story lines 10 (for the month)
    *Hosting an Event – 10 XP for a 2-4 hour event , for a weekend Event (I will let you know how much)
So if you Bust your ass and do a lot of stuff you can get a lot of XP ( max a month is 40)

I am only human so try to keep track of what you have done if you think I have miss calculated Send me an Email.

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