Renown Charts

Ragabash Renown
Theurge Renown
Philodox Renown
Galliard Renown
Ahroun Renown

Sample Behavior Award

Proving one’s bravery in less-then-lethal 1
participating in a just challenge.

Surviving an incapacitating wound; 2
defeating a minor threat.
Defeating an average threat; 3
surviving a hostile Umbral Realm.
Defeating a strong threat; dying while 5
defending a caern (posthumous)
Defeating a very powerful threat; sacrificing 7
oneself to save a caern and its defenders
Refusing any sept position; (-1)
suffering a fox frenzy
Not preventing a caern from ( -3)
being overrun by the wyrm
Conscious cowardice that (-5)
resilted in the death of another Garou


Sample Behavior Award

Helping guard a caern; performing regular 1
duties and chores for the sept for a month
Performing a moot or punishment rite; 2
participating in a just challenge; protecting
a helpless human
Mediating a dispute fairly and impartially 3
‘protecting the Veil by covering up incidents
that might reveal the Garou’s existence to humans
Being truthful in the face of extreme 5
adversity; dying while defending a caern
(posthumous); protecting a helpless wolf
Enduring torture to protect fellow Garou; 7
sacrificing oneself to save a caern and its defenders

Speaking without permission at a moot; (-1)
not protecting a helpless human; speaking ill of another
tribe (depending on circumstances)
Refusing any sept position; failing to perform (-2)
regular duties and chores for the caern in the last month
Participating in an unjust challenge; (-3)
abandoning one’s post while on watch
Harming/rending the Veil; not protecting (-5)
a helpless Garou


Sample Behavior Award

Learning a new rite; creating a talon; 1
healing a fellow Garou (not of one’s pack)
Giving good advice; discovering 2
a fetish after following mystic signs and
advice; summoning an Incarna avatar
Revealing, with certain proof, that an area 3
or object is “of the Wyrm”; completing a
spirit quest successfully; besting someone
(including a spirit) in a riddle contest
Giving a prophetic warning that comes 5
true later; ending a threat without serious
harm to any Garou
Discovering an ancient 7
caern that was lost; discovering or
creating a new Gift
Refusing any sept position; suffering (-1)
a frenzy; missing a Moot Rite
Having poor relations with nearby (-2)
Kinfolk; attacking a much more
powerful force without aid
Breaking a powerful and necessary (-5)
fetish accidentally

Renown Charts

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